About Netty

Currently I'm a Lecturer in Philosophy in the Department of Humanities at Indiana University Kokomo. Additionally I'm Director of the Honors Program, Director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program, and manage the Philosophy minor and act as faculty advisor for the Humanities B.A. degree.

My areas of specialization in philosophy include Eastern philosophy and religion, phenomenology, ethics and philosophy of human nature. I also have areas of competence in environmental ethics, contemporary continental philosophy, philosophy of religion and philosophy of technology. In addition to teaching in philosophy I also co-teach a Freshman Learning community each year that introduces first year students to the relationship between the sciences and humanities.

I have a wide range of interests in philosophy beyond my specializations and competencies including the scholarship of teaching and learning, aesthetics, philosophy of time, love and friendship, philosophy of human nature and philosophy of woman. Basically I consider myself a generalist in philosophy and will happily teach and research in nearly any area of philosophy.





Current Positions at IU Kokomo

Lecturer in Philosophy

Director of the Honors Program

Director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Faculty Advisor for the Humanities BA & Philosophy Minor & Philosophy

Areas of Specialization

Eastern philosophy & religions



philosophy of human nature

Areas of Competency

contemporary continental philosophy

philosophy of religion

environmental ethics



Spring 2014

PHIL P383 - Topics in Philosophy: Philosophy of Good and Evil through Super Heroes and Super Villains
The nature of good and evil is a major topic of debate in philosophy and many other areas of human life. This course will examine the concepts of good and evil through case studies of super heroes and villains in literature, comic books, film and myth.
PHIL P140 - Ethics
Freshman Learning Community Part 2: Natural Disasters & Ethics, team taught

Past Courses

PHIL P100 - Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL P223 - Philosophy of Woman
PHIL P311 - Environmental Ethics
PHIL P330 - Philosophy of Eastern Religions
PHIL P342 - Moral Problems: Love, Friendship & Human Relationships
PHIL P335 - Phenomenology & Existentialism
PHIL P375 - Philosophy of Law
PHIL P383 - Topics in Philosophy: Environmental Ethics
PHIL P383 - Topics in Philosophy: Philosophy of Human Nature
LBST D511 - Graduate Course in Philosophy of Human Nature
LBST D511 - Graduate Course in Phenomenology & Existentialism
HON H399 - Honors Colloquium in Philosophy of Technology
HSS E103 - Freshman Learning Community Part 1 (team taught)
SSCI E105 - Freshman Learning Community Part 2 (team taught)